Purchasing Property

Purchasing Property in Nova Scotia: 

Buying waterfront property is easy with us and we will help you with every step!

Title search has been performed for all properties. All lots come with a warranty deed.

We are trusted real estate developers.

  • Proof of ownership for all properties is registered in the Nova Scotia Land Registry.
  • The Nova Scotia land registry system allows for easy transfers of property within Nova Scotia.
  • Clear and good title is guaranteed for all properties we convey.
  • We will not sell any property in which clear title cannot be guaranteed.

Foreign residents are welcome to buy in Nova Scotia.

  • Acquisition of land by Non-residents is unrestricted in Nova Scotia.
  • Access to all property is guaranteed in the Deed which is registered in the Nova Scotia Registry System. These access rights are always guaranteed and are conveyed with the land and are not extinguished if the property is sold.
  • As owner of the property you are free to sell, endow, bequeath or mortgage your property.

We assist you in your property purchase by recommending a competent lawyer to assist you in your purchase. We also assist in helping you in obtaining a surveyor, or directing you to the proper government authorities.  We will do whatever you need in order to make you comfortable with your new property purchase.


General Information:

The Agreement of Purchase and Sale:

A written agreement or contract is required when you wish to purchase a home or vacation land. Generally, if you are purchasing a property through a real estate agent the agent will draft the agreement on a standard legal form.  Because we are not real estate agents, if you buy directly though us, it will be necessary to have a lawyer prepare the purchase agreement. In either case an agent or lawyer can tailor the purchase and sales agreement to suit your needs.  Generally, each party is represented by their own lawyer.